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Professional Employer Organization (PEO) Services

Go global faster than ever with International PEO.
Gaining a legal presence in foreign countries and hiring new team members around the world is an exciting time for growing businesses. But it doesn’t have to be difficult. With PEO, you can finally alleviate the headaches associated with the complicated global expansion process. PEO can help you tap into new markets around the world quickly and compliantly.
What is PEO?
PEO (Professional Employer Organization) is a global employment solution that enables companies to hire employees anywhere in the world quickly, compliantly, and without the burden of establishing a foreign legal entity.
How PEO works?
SP utilizes its global infrastructure and locally-compliant employment contracts to hire your employees, and becomes their legal Employer of Record—so you can focus on running your business.

With PEO

Clients maintain: Day-to-day control of your employees.

SP handles: All risk mitigation, compliance, payroll and benefits.

Employee Secondment (Compliance, Finance, etc.)

Employee secondment is SP’s customized, flexible employment solution to provide clients with full-risk outsourcing services such as recruitment, assessment, training, entry and exit management, salary and labor risk control.
The advantages of this options are:

Increase organizational flexibility

Break through the limitation of organizational staffing, meet short-term employment needs due to projects, seasonal business needs, employee maternity leave, sick leave, etc.

Improve operation efficiency

Help clients quickly acquire, select, hire and manage employees, reduce the management burden of HR department, and make clients more focused on the management of core business.

Labor costs saving

According to the flexible employment demand of the clients, the personnel can be arranged flexibly, so as to reduce the staff redundancy and reduce the high turnover rate of non-core support posts and the management cost brought by the replacement of personnel.

Reduce employment risk

The employee signs the employment contract with the SP, meaning, SP fully assumes the employment risk, and helps the clients to reduce the employment risk caused by the turnover of personnel.

Payroll and Social Benefits Setup Payroll Calculation

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Individual Income Tax (IIT) and Social Benefits Compliance

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HR Advisory and Assistance

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