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Financial Due Diligence and Other Special Audit

Financial Due Diligence and Other Special Audit

Financial Due Diligence

Financial due diligence (FDD) is a key step in the process of mergers & acquisitions. FDD, which reveals the fair market value of the target firm is essential in mergers and acquisitions.

SP tries to identify the potential defects and opportunities in the deal, preventing you from a bad business transaction for lack of confirmed and verified information.

Agreed-upon Procedure

In an Agreed Upon Procedure (AUP) engagement, an accountant issues a report of specific items in the financial statement, after conducting the suitable procedures agreed on by users / clients.

Having performed AUP engagements for a huge range of subject matters across various industries, we are able to meet the various risks specified parties are keen on reviewing.

Accounting Standards Advisory Service

Our experienced accounting team combines extensive IFRS framework capabilities with expert local knowledge on a wide variety of country specific GAAP issues in China.

By focusing on the objectives of the business, we understand the complexities involved which allow us to advise on financial reporting processes and compliance challenges by providing highly customized business solutions that addresses your needs.

Our services include

Other Special Audit

Our services include